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Check Out These Gate Related Tips

If your gate is suffering from a problem or you have some concerns about keeping it in perfect working order, check out these handy and helpful tips. Both residential and commercial gate owners can learn something from them.

Never allow children to play near an automatic gate

Even if you've never encountered any problems with that particular system, and even if you have a professional maintenance service routinely inspect it, you should never allow your children to play near your automatic gate. Just don't take that chance. Furthermore, be sure to get any problem fixed as soon as possible.

Regularly paint your gate

This is a very simple maintenance technique that a lot of homeowners may not be aware of. By applying a fresh coat of paint to the surface of your gate, you are actively protecting it from harsh weather conditions. Not only will its visual appearance benefit from this, but your gate's longevity will be positively affect as well.

Purchase high quality gate equipment

Buying low quality automatic gate equipment can save you a few dollars initially, however, you'll be paying more for repair and replacement works later on. High quality equipment is a much better choice, mainly due to the fact that it will be far more resistant to pests and erosion, and will last you much longer than a cheap counterpart.

Lubricating gate parts

A lot of residential gates do not have sealed bearings or hinges. If this is the case with your gate, then it is imperative that you appropriately lubricate these parts. You can apply marine grade grease, and using a grease gun will make the work much easier. A number of gate openers have internal swings that require thorough lubrication as well.

Take care of pests

Believe it or not, residential gates can turn out to be a breeding ground for various types of pests. It's important that you keep your system's electric components free from cobwebs. Spider webs tend to contain moisture that can conduct electricity and can eventually damage your opener's circuit board. Not to mention, bee’s nests and roaming ants can also be responsible for inflicting damage on the electric wiring.


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