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Check out our helpful gate tips!

Our team knows gates and how they work better than anybody else. Their helpful ideas and advice are checked out every day by thousands of local homeowners. Take a look below for many interesting and useful tips from our gate experts designed just for you.

  • Consider getting an automatic gate opener

    An automatic gate opener offers a number of advantages you cannot just disregard. For one, it provides the convenience of letting your vehicle in or out without having to ask someone to open or close the gate for you. In addition, it provides added security especially at night, as you no longer need to get off your car just to open the gate.

  • Your batteries may already need replacement

    If your gate remote starts to erratically function, there are two things you need to examine. The first is the sensor. According to gate repair experts, most problems involving electric gate malfunctions are related to dirty sensors and obstructions between the sensor and remote. The second thing to examine is the battery. Average battery longevity for Allstar and Carper remotes is about 4 to 5 years.

  • Never allow children to play near an automatic gate

    Even if you've never encountered defects that require an automatic gate repair and even if you regularly hire a maintenance service, it is advisable never to allow children to play near an automatic gate. Don't take that chance. Also, be sure to arrange for electric gate repair the moment you notice any issues.

  • Gate operation during power failure

    Automated gates come with a manual facility designed to open the gate during power failure. Apart from that, some electric gate owners also have a backup battery installed on their systems to avoid future inconvenience during power failure. Make sure that your own gate has this facility.

  • Why should I get a gate opener keypad?

    Keypads are convenient, because apart from having your own personal password, you won't have to carry around a gate clicker or worry about misplacing it. Not only that, but with a gate opener keypad, you can program as many different access codes as you want. From a selected few - up to 500 access codes! You can also arrange to get a keypad that will be useful for the automatic entrance of friends, the postman, home sitters or whomever you may please.

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