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Intercom System

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If you are looking for an Intercom System, we at “Gate Repair Los Angeles” offer excellent products and are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers. Count on our same day emergency repair service. Every one of our technicians is experienced, skilled and trained. We offer a variety of intercom services designed to enhance your ability to screen the visitors coming to your home. We pride ourselves in finding the right intercom for our customer's needs.Intercom System

Professional intercom gate experts for all services

We offer the best variety of intercom systems and our expert technicians have skills second to none. We offer our clients products by Aiphone and Linear and are masters in Doorking intercom systems. Those are brand names our customers can trust for value and quality. 

Here are some of the intercoms we offer:

• Auto Dialer – This one is most commonly found in large buildings. Visitors have to call the resident from the gate and the homeowner has to enter a code to let them in.
• Residential – With this system a car pulling up to the gate would call the home from the gate and request entry. The person answering the phone can enter a code to open the gate. In some instances, the person at the gate can enter a code as well.
• No phone line – This phone entry system can operate without an outside phone service. Once again the visitor notifies the tenant, who allows or denies entry.
• Programmable intercom – This is a keypad method that allows the visitor to type in a code at the gate. 

Our experts can install the gate intercom system that you want.
If you want them to program a Doorking intercom, they can do it in no time. Gate Repair Los Angeles will provide intercom installation and repairs at your convenience. We know our way around these phone entry systems and no one does it better than our team. Get in touch with our gate repair experts today!

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