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Gate Repairs in Atwater Village CA

We Repair Driveway Gates Of All Types

From large wooden panels to chain link fences to iron gate bars Call for a same-day solution and/or free quotes on new custom gates and fences

Gate Repairs in Atwater Village CA

Your driveway gate services you reliably throughout the day. But when problems crop up, this loyal sliding or swinging gate becomes a real nuisance. Dealing with opener, intercom, or hardware problems is more than just annoying, it can be dangerous too. That's why you should always leave any complex gate repairs to nearby professionals. We've got the best driveway gate specialists around Atwater Village ready to lend you a hand with any issue. Plus – we provide free quotes on gate and fence installation, so you can consult with us on a variety of topics, for free.

Fastest Gate Opener Repairs Near Atwater Village CA

A problem with the electric gate in your driveway needs a fast solution to allow you to go about your day without having to worry about functionality or security issues. Well, we specialize in fixing gate openers of all types. This includes replacing motor gears, broken chains, articulated arms and much more. We also know how to troubleshoot electric opener problems and can replace circuit boards, adjust limit switches, and rewire any problematic section to ensure smooth operation once again. Whether it's the electric gate sensors or the whole logic board, leave it to our specialists to find and fix the problem on the spot.

Iron and Wooden Gates – Repair & Installation

You can opt for all sorts of materials for your garden or driveway gate. Each one has its pros and cons that will make it more or less ideal for your needs. Wooden gates have a classic appeal, but can also rot and warp if neglected. Iron gates look truly elegant and prestigious but don't provide the same level of privacy. Plus, they can rust over time. With the right maintenance, and having iron and gate repair specialists nearby ready to help with any problem, either option can suit your Atwater Village driveway. It just comes down to understanding all the nuances in order to make a decision. And how do you do that? Simple you call --

Gate Installers Near You

We're happy to give every Atwater Village local a free estimate on custom gate installation to ensure they get the best choice for their budget and needs. From chain link gates and fences to wood, iron, and large sliding steel slabs. Consult with us (for free) and see what pros and cons each material and type of system bring to the table. Need to install a gate on a slope? Want to have a single leaf swing gate that covers the entire driveway? Get in touch with us and we'll make sure you get all the info you need before commissioning a new custom gate from us.

Local Gate Owners We Helped Recently

Whether you've got a residential or a commercial gate that needs repairs, we're the best experts close to Atwater Village to call. Check out some of our latest work to see how we assisted other folks with various gate repair and installation service requests.

Iron Gate Installation - Buhach

Iron Gate Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Rye was looking for a way to secure his estate, and gate installation was a part of his plan. 
Our Solution: As soon as we presented our products to Mr. Rye, we could see he instantly fell in love with our wrought iron gates. He decided on an arched-top swing gate with finials and we helped him choose a powerful opener. When we returned a few days later, we installed the gate of Mr. Rye’s choice along with an integrated control and intercom system and showed him how everything worked.

Jeff Rye - Buhach
Gate Repair | Atwater

Gate Repair

Customer Issue: Mr. Clark backed up into a closed gate and damaged one of the leaves. 
Our Solution: After detailed visual inspection, we got straight to work to make the gate safe and fully functioning again ASAP. The gate needed some welding and a fresh set of hinges, along with some cosmetic customization work so that it would not only resume operation but look its best again. We also carried out preventative maintenance and explained to Mr. Clark what he could do to keep his gate system in good working order.

Taylor Clark - Atwater

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