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Struggling with gate problems? have questions? 

Those looking for answers and solutions to some common gate issues should check the FAQs and answers below

  • Are keypad-locked automatic gates safe?

    A general rule of thumb is that newer models of automatic gates, no matter what kind, are safer than their older equivalents. Thus, if you’re looking for the convenience of keypad-locked gates, go ahead and invest in the newest ones. They will have the latest security features you’ve come to expect from modern technology.

  • Do I really need to get a surge protector for your gate opener?

    Surge protectors are inexpensive devices designed to protect gate openers from electrical surges and lightning strikes. There are no statistics that would show any ROI from surge protectors but, at the very least, they provide you peace of mind by assuring that your gate opener won't malfunction after unexpected surges.

  • Can gates be built on slopes?

    It is best not to install gates on slopes or in any place that runs uphill. Doing so will require extra equipment and components, in addition to straining the automation system considerably. Although gates can be installed on slopes, our professionals say it's best to avoid such a situation.

  • How do I deal with mold and rust?

    Over the years, and due to the fact that wrought iron gates are constantly exposed to weather conditions, they might erode, while wooden gates might rot. Maintenance service on a regular basis is the best way to detect any signs at an early stage, before any more damage occurs. You must scrub your gate off completely, wash well, let it dry and repaint it.

  • How can I ensure gate security?

    Iron gates are supposed to provide security on their own. With that said, the experts at Gate Repair Los Angeles recommend intercom installation for more protection. This way you would know who is entering your premises by having verbal and visual communication and the ability to prevent anyone from just setting foot in your property. You can also install more lights along the driveway and light sensors, or even a camera at the entrance, so that you can check who's standing at your gate.

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