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We solve various problems with automatic gates, from worn hinges to faulty motors, and install new ones for our customers. Below you will find a selection of our latest projects giving you a better idea of our work.

Gate Intercom Installation | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Gate Intercom Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Nelson wanted to make his driveway gate more secure with an intercom.
Our Solution: We helped our customer choose the advanced AiPhone JK-Series video intercom system for access control and installed it to work with his sliding gate and opener.

Larry Nelson - Los Angeles
Reversing Gate Repair | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Reversing Gate Repair

Customer Issue: The sliding gate went forward and then reversed, while the opener was working normally.
Our Solution: We inspected the hardware carefully, found a broken wheel bearing and replaced it with a new one of the same diameter and thickness.

Reese Allen - Eagle Rock
Doorking Opener Repair Project | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Doorking Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The DoorKing 6100 swing gate opener was noisy and did not work smoothly.
Our Solution: After opening the cover, we inspected the components closely and found plastic shavings under the rim gear indicating it was misaligned. We adjusted it accurately and greased the housing below the gear assembly for optimal performance.

Phil Roberts - East Los Angeles
Gate Troubleshooting Project | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Gate Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: There was too much slack in the driveway gate chain, despite it being fully tightened.
Our Solution: We removed three links to reset the tensioners and then tensioned the chain to give it the slight sag required for normal automatic gate operation.

Olivia Price - Sherman Oaks
Gate Intercom Repair | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Gate Intercom Repair

Customer Issue: The DoorKing 1802-EPD intercom had failed completely.
Our Solution: The intercom didn’t receive power and our test with the voltmeter showed the power adapter was damaged, so we replaced it with a new one matching the system’s specs.

Josh Bell - Glendale
Liftmaster Opener Repair | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Liftmaster Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The opener wasn’t working as fast as usual and was making strange noises.
Our Solution: Our test revealed that the V-belt of the LiftMaster RSW12U swing gate opener was loose and cracked, so we replaced it with a new one having the same specs.

Janet Smith - Los Angeles
Gate Won't Close| Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Gate Won't Close

Customer Issue: The sliding gate traveled a few inches and then stopped. 
Our Solution: Since the motor was working normally, we inspected the hardware and revealed the track was bent. We straightened it, so that the wheels could pass freely.

Steve Lewis - Sherman Oaks
New Gate Installation | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

New Gate Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Mitchell had her mind set on a steel swing gate with a bell curve design and black powder coat finish. 
Our Solution: Our measurements confirmed that a 12-foot gate would be a perfect fit. We installed it, securing the posts and using heavy-duty hinges.

Sarah Mitchell - Westwood
DKS Opener Installation | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

DKS Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Brown wanted a reliable sliding gate opener from a reputable brand.
Our Solution: Based on our advice, the customer chose a DKS 9024 opener. We installed the motor unit, added the hardware and connected it to the gate. The programming of the controls took little time.

Fred Brown - East Los Angeles
Gate Stuck Open | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Gate Stuck Open

Customer Issue: The gate would not close with the remote control.
Our Solution: Our close inspection and testing revealed that the sliding gate safety sensors had failed, so we replaced them with a new FAAC 785152 set and cleared the area around them a bit to prevent blocking.

Chris Davis - Los Angeles
Swing Gate Repair | Gate Repair Los Angeles, CA

Swing Gate Repair

Customer Issue: The swing gate’s panels were uneven and were making strange noises during opening and closing.
Our Solution: We inspected the gate and found that the hinges were damaged. After repairing the welding, we tightened the bolts and applied grease for smooth performance.

Lucy Jones - Los Angeles

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