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Electric Gate

Quick Electric Gate Troubleshooting

Why isn’t the gate closing? If there isn’t any visible obstruction, a hardware component could be damaged, worn or broken. Our first task is to run an inspection and tests to find out exactly what’s wrong. Then we’ll repair the unit. If you have a bent track or hinge, count on us to straighten it. In case a wheel is broken, we will replace it with a new one which has the same design and size. 

Electric Gate

You can rely on us for more complex repairs too. We repair the posts of residential electric gates with great precision, for example. Our solution includes fixing any physical damage, such as decay or rust, and adjusting the posts so that they are straight and stay firmly in place.

Dependable Electric Opener Repair

Even though modern openers boast with all kinds of advanced technologies such as hydraulic operation and solar power use, they are not completely safe from problems. Our job is to fix both the electronic components and the hardware. If your electric gate motor unit is silent or makes strange noises, we’ll check it and repair it. Sometimes, the replacement of a broken moving gear is sufficient for restoring the unit’s operation. If the motor has failed completely, count on us to install a new one that matches your gate’s size and weight. Our company is here to deal with problems affecting the controls and other accessories too. If you have lost your clicker, for instance, we can replace it for you in a very short time.

New Gate System Installation

If you have decided to get a new gate and/or operator, you can choose us for the installation project with confidence. Our team is readily available to provide full consultation throughout the selection process. If you plan to buy a new electric gate opener, for example, we’ll present the different options suitable for your system, given its type and design, and help you find your way around the various models, keeping in mind your individual requirements. Accuracy is fundamental for our gate and opener installation work. We set up and connect the components perfectly to give you a reliable and safe electric system.

For all of your electric gate needs, turn to us, at Gate Repair Los Angeles, and you will receive a high-quality professional service in the shortest time. Give us a call today to speak to a qualified consultant. 

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